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We offer professional trailers and projects for the construction of Tiny House. We are the official distributor of Vlemmix Aanhangwagens trailers from the Netherlands in Poland.

Vlemmix trailer 7,2m

Vlemmix trailer 6,60m

Vlemmix trailer 6m

Tiny house trailers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the trailers have European approval?

Yes, all trailers, after registration, have the right to travel on European roads. The documents provided also allow for registration in any European country.

Are the trailers registered?

The customer registers the trailer on his own on the basis of an invoice, a certificate of data necessary for vehicle registration, a certificate of conformity (COC) supplied with the trailer.

Is the transport included?

Transport is not included in the price. We can provide this service for an additional fee (approx. EUR 500-600 + VAT). Customers can also pick up trailers directly from the factory in the Netherlands.

Completed orders

We co-operate with Polish and foreign clients. Trailers are delivered to all EU countries and Norway.

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