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Vlemmix trailer 7,2m

A house manufactured and equipped in the Nordic style. Bright, cosy, warm - it will enrapture both, singles and families with kids. It easily has enough space for 3 adults. 2 of them can sleep on the spacious mezzanine and the 3rd person can use the folding sofa downstairs.


You choose the standard of equipment


The inside of the house is designed by the Tiny House Company with the use of materials selected by the client (e.g. wood, splice) or by a complete interior design by IKEA (dedicated for this particular house), exclusively with the use of IKEA products.


The price includes


  • Vlemmix trailer - Allowable Total Weight of 3.5T with roadworthiness certification for the entire Europe,
  • Spruce facade Interior finished with splice or spruce wood,
  • Double-glazed PVC windows,
  • Electric/gas system, ventilation, water and sewage piping,
  • Heating options: electric or gas,
  • Kitchen: fridge, heating plate, sink, tap, flow water heater,
  • Bathroom equipment: shower cabin, sink, tap, Separrett (Sweeden) eco-toilet,
  • Mezzanine bedroom,
  • Foldable couch.




All Tiny Houses are made on the basis of the Dutch Vlemmix platform trailers, a company which is represented in the Polish market by the Tiny House Company. The trailers are certified roadworthy for the entire Europe.



Additional options (not included in the price):


  • Foldable terrace,
  • Wood burning fireplace,
  • Additional windows (double or triple-glazed) made of aluminum,
  • Additional facade options (sheet metal, cedar wood, painted or smoked siberian larch),
  • Additional lighting,
  • Water tank,
  • Smart home solutions.

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