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34 000 EUR excl. VAT

  • 2,5 m
  • 4 m
  • 6 m
  • 3
  • mezzaine and foldable couch

Muroto was designed with those demanding users in mind who appreciate modern and attractive solutions. Its main attribute are the large windows which give it lots of lighting and the feeling of greater space.


You choose the standard of equipment


The inside of the house is designed by the Tiny House Company with the use of materials selected by the client (e.g. wood, splice) or by a complete interior design by IKEA (dedicated for this particular house), exclusively with the use of IKEA products.


The price includes


  • Vlemmix trailer - Allowable Total Weight of 3.5T with roadworthiness certification for the entire Europe,
  • Spruce facade Interior finished with splice or spruce wood,
  • Double-glazed PVC windows,
  • Electric/gas system, ventilation, water and sewage piping,
  • Heating options: electric or gas,
  • Kitchen: fridge, heating plate, sink, tap, flow water heater,
  • Bathroom equipment: shower cabin, sink, tap, Separrett (Sweeden) eco-toilet,
  • Mezzanine bedroom,
  • Foldable couch.




All Tiny Houses are made on the basis of the Dutch Vlemmix platform trailers, a company which is represented in the Polish market by the Tiny House Company. The trailers are certified roadworthy for the entire Europe.



Additional options (not included in the price):


  • Foldable terrace,
  • Wood burning fireplace,
  • Additional windows (double or triple-glazed) made of aluminum,
  • Additional facade options (sheet metal, cedar wood, painted or smoked siberian larch),
  • Additional lighting,
  • Water tank,
  • Smart home solutions.

Most important facts about our houses


Our houses are based on timber frame technology and insulated with polyurethane foam or mineral wool.


Each house is equipped with a heating unit and the client may decide what kind of heating is installed. Our offer includes gas and electric heaters as well as wood burning stoves.


Determined individually with the customer. Length 5-8 meters, max width 2.5m, max height 4m.


Our houses are made of wood, metal, glass and high-tech materials – our offer is made to match the requirements of our customers at the stage of design.

Utility hook-ups

Each house is equipped with utility connections of choice - gas, electricity, water and sewage, heating. The proper equipment is installed in a way which allows for quick and safe connection and disconnection when the house is to be moved to another location.


Our goal is for the weight of the house not to exceed 3.5 tons in order to meet the requirements of B+E driving license. The design of our houses and the trailers we use allow for full mobility.

We deliver across Poland and Europe

Delivery costs are determined individually. Contact us for individual pricing.

Roof and Walls



1. Standing seam metal roof
2. Roof membrane
3. OSB plate 22-25mm
4. 20mm ventilation gap
4b. Thermal insulation
5. Timber frame construction
6. Vapor barrier layer
7. Battens 25x20mm
8. Spruce/ Plywood internal cladding
1. 190mm spruce cladding
2. windproof membrane
3. Battens 25x25mm
4. 20mm ventilation gap
4b. Thermal insulation
5. Timber frame construction
6. Vapor barrier layer
7. Battens 25x20mm
8. Spruce/ Plywood internal cladding


1. Steel trailer construction
2. Gum
3. Timber frame floor construction
4. Thermal insulation - mineral wool
5. 25mm OSB plate
6. Wooden floor panels


All Tiny Houses are based on Vlemmix platform trailers, the company which is represented in Poland by Tiny House Company. The Trailers are certified roadworthy for the entire Europe. Take a look at our trailers.

Construction process


Placing an order

Select your ideal Tiny House model. Think about the size which you want to order, additional options you’d like to have inside, the kind of heating you prefer (electric, gas, wood burning). Contact us by e-mail or by phone.



We will contact you by e-mail or by phone to agree on the date of a meeting or an online call with the purpose of discussing the details and presenting the contract for the construction of your Tiny House. If necessary, we can present our Tiny House demo model so that you can see what it looks like. During the meeting or the call we agree on all the details regarding your house. We discuss the design (type of facade, roofing etc.), equipment (particular white goods, or smart home solutions), type of heating and delivery date.


Signing the contract

We sign the contract which includes the details discussed via e-mail, during the meeting or the call. We take into consideration all the remarks and pass to the construction phase.


Your house

In 2-3 months your Tiny House is complete! We deliver it to the address you indicate and we present you with the keys to your new Tiny House!

Any Questions?

Are you interested in a specific house from our offer or do you want to design your own? Or maybe you are interested in an investment in the Tiny House campus?
Feel free to contact us!

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