Tiny House for business

Thanks to a vast range of applications the Tiny House becomes a great business resource, especially if mobility, unique design and the possibility of complete customisation is important. Find out how you can use the Tiny House for your business purposes!

Tiny apartment for rent

Tiny Houses are perfect as year-round apartments for short term rent. They are well insulated and heated. They have all the necessary hookups and they can be easily transported. In the summer you can earn money by placing them by the sea, and in the winter they can be located in the mountains. Costs of the investment are uncomparable to the costs of purchasing a studio flat in a bigger city, and you get absolute mobility.

Ideas for using Tiny Houses in business


The Tiny House can easily be turned into a showroom for your products which will allow you to differentiate from your competitors. You can pop-up at a different location every day and showcase your products wherever you want.

Mobile office

More and more people decide to work from home. Tiny Houses give us completely new options in this area. They are mobile and you can adapt them to become independent office spaces. Depending on your needs, at the stage of designing you Tiny House, we can properly plan the layout of the house to prepare desks, sockets and network connection.


Are you thinking about starting your own small pop-up restaurant, or a foodtruck? The Tiny House can be a great combination of both. You can take it wherever you want and invite your guests to eat inside, feel the atmosphere of your unique place. You can be where your customers are.

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