Steel frames

Together with our partner - the company STALDOM (who designed and made the frame) we offer for sale an unusual solution for fans of tiny houses. Thanks to this solution, you get a very solid structure for building a house and depending on your preferences and budget, you can order already assembled version or one for self-assembly.

Profile parameters: 89 mm wide x 50 mm high
Profile thickness 1 mm
The weight of the frame for the house is 7.2 m approx. 550 kg.

The frame is made on individual order. It can be purchased in several options:

- packed (for self-assembly) without a trailer,
- packed (for self-assembly) with a Vlemmix trailer,
- assembled on the Vlemmix trailer.

The weight of the set - the Vlemmix TH720 trailer with the frame is approx. 1,300 kg. Transport and delivery date to be agreed individually.
The price differs from the length of the trailer used. Price inquiries should be sent to the e-mail address [email protected]

Approximate prices (prices change rapidly due to rising steel prices):
6.0 m - 10,000 PLN
6.60 m - 10 500 PLN
7.20 m - 11,000 PLN
7.8 m - 11 500 PLN
8.4 m - 12,000 PLN

The given prices are gross prices.